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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
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Baseline Water Stress:
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Sanitation Access Stress:
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2.57 out of 5
WWF Country Risk Score
116 out of 248 Countries
WWF Country Rank
Total Organizations: 117
Total Projects: 119
Priority SDGs: Sustainable Agriculture (SDG 2.4)
Increase Access to Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (SDG 6.1 & 6.2)
Water Quality (SDG 6.3)
Water Use Efficiency (SDG 6.4)
Integrated Water Resource Management (SDG 6.5)
Protect and Restore Ecosystems (SDG 6.6)
International Cooperation and Capacity Building (SDG 6.a)
Stakeholder Participation (SDG 6.b)
Water-Related Disaster Management (SDG 11.5)
Climate Resilience and Adaptation (SDG 13.1)
Priority Regions: --
Priority Industries: Apparel
Organization Types:
NGO / Civil Society
Utility / Water Service Provider
International Organization
Bilateral and / or Intergovernmental Agency
Multi-stakeholder Organization
Coalition / Consortium
Water Fund
Profile Completion: 91%

Water-Related Challenge Costs

Total annual estimated cost to address all water-related challenges: $28,486,838,144.00

Share of total annual estimated cost to address each individual challenge (2015 $USD):

  • Access to Drinking Water: $6,305,916,886.00 - [22%]
  • Access to Sanitation: $5,399,402,551.00 - [19%]
  • Industrial Pollution: $2,255,648,132.00 - [8%]
  • Agricultural Pollution: $4,774,997,105.00 - [17%]
  • Water Scarcity: $5,003,067,113.00 - [18%]
  • Water Management: $4,747,806,357.00 - [17%]

For more about this data, see information on WRI’s Achieving Abundance dataset here.

Water Challenges

As reported by organizations on the Hub.

Access to Water Supply and Water Services
Physical water supply
Local Water Resource Governance
Land Use Issues
Socioeconomic and Reputation
Upstream Water Issues
Compliance with Local Regulations and Widely-Accepted Standards
Water Demand and Competition among Users
Water Pricing

Country Overview

1.1.1.WATER RESOURCES Brazil has always been considered a country rich in water. It is estimated that about 12 per cent of the world’s surface water resources are located in the country. In 2007, per capita water availability reached 43,027m3 per year, more than the world average of 8,209m3 per capita in the same year. However, this impressive average masks an extremely uneven distribution of water resources among regions. The Amazon river basin alone, which covers 48 per cent of the country’s territory, accounts for 68 per cent of Brazil’s freshwater resources but has almost 12 per cent of its population. The most dramatic departure from abundance can be found in the northeast region, which includes most of the country’s semi-arid region. Accounting for 18 per cent of Brazil’s territory and about 28 per cent of its population, the northeast region has only 3 per cent of the country’s water resources and is subject to recurrent severe droughts, harvest failures, and food shortages. The southeast, with 73 per cent of the country’s population, 11 per cent of its territory and about 7per cent of its water resources, is the heart of Brazil’s industrial economy and also has the highest agricultural production. Brazil has 12 hydrographical regions (included the Amazon, Tocantins, São Francisco) the Plata river, which has three Brazilian sub-basins: Paraná, Upper Paraguay, and Uruguay and the remaining rivers flowing into the Atlantic, which are divided into several basins. The Amazon and the Tocantins-Araguaia basins in the north account for 56 per cent of Brazil’s total drainage area. The Amazon River, the world’s largest river by volume of water and second longest after the Nile, is navigable by ocean steamers as far as Iquitos in Peru. The São Francisco River is the largest river entirely within Brazil, flowing for over 1,609km northward before it turns eastward into the Atlantic. The last 277km of the lower river is navigable for ocean-going ships. The Paraná-Paraguay river system drains the southwestern portion of the state of Minas Gerais. Brazil’s two southernmost states partially drain into the Uruguay river, which flows into the Plata river. The inflow of the Amazon to Brazil is 1.9BCM per year, so that the total surface water resources in the country reach, on average, 8.2BCM per year. The stored groundwater in Brazil is less than 1,000m deep; the groundwater that is of sufficient quality for human use is estimated at 112,000km³, with highly variable extraction rates. In Brazil, groundwater is used in rural areas for domestic water supply and irrigation on a moderate scale. Estimates suggest that approximately 300,000 wells are being used, and over 10,000 more are drilled every year. Groundwater is beginning to be used on a large scale in areas where surface water sources are scarce, where they are heavily used, or where their use is problematic due to heavy water pollution (as in central and southern Brazil).

1.1.2.WATER USE About 61 per cent of all water withdrawal in Brazil is used for irrigation, which is lower than the average water withdrawal for irrigation in Latin America of 71 per cent. The irrigated area in 1998 was 28,000km3, which represents 5.7 per cent of the cultivated area. The irrigation potential of Brazil is estimated at 293,000km3, including only areas where irrigation can be developed and excluding areas of high ecological value in the northern region (such as the Amazonas and Tocantins basins). Ineffective irrigation has generated salinization and drainage problems in 150km3, mostly in the northeast (of a total irrigated area of 7,360km3), jeopardizing these lands’ productivity. Access to electricity has increased from fewer than 500 kilowatt hours (KWh) per capita in 1970 to more than 2,000KWh per capita in 2000. These results have been achieved mainly through the development of hydropower, which currently accounts for 81 per cent of Brazil’s installed capacity (69 gigawatts out of a total of 79). Brazil also has the largest hydroelectric power plant in operation in the world, the Itaipú Dam, which was built between 1975 and 1991 in a joint development on the Paraná River. Its 18 generating units add up to a total production capacity of 12,600MW (megawatts) and a reliable output of 75 million MWh a year, providing 25 per cent of the energy supply in Brazil and 78 per cent of that in Paraguay (in 1995).

1.2.WATER QUALITY, ECOSYSTEMS AND HUMAN HEALTH The major environmental problems are: deforestation in the Amazon Basin that destroys habitat and endangers a multitude of plant and animal species indigenous to the area; the lucrative illegal wildlife trade; air and water pollution in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and several other large cities; land degradation and water pollution caused by improper mining activities; wetland degradation; and severe oil spills. Sewage is a major cause of water pollution in Brazil, a significant problem that undermines quality of life, health, and economic development in large metropolitan areas and has a disproportionate impact on the poor in the slums surrounding Brazil’s largest cities. Water quality management is also undertaken by the states, although the quality of their water monitoring systems and surveys varies widely. In 2006, only nine Brazilian states had water quality monitoring systems that were rated as excellent or very good; five had good or fair systems, and thirteen had weak systems. The southeastern state of São Paulo, with a monitoring system considered very good, registered in its latest study high microbiological indexes indicative of pollution from domestic sewage both upstream and downstream in the Bairro da Serra river, and even higher indexes from its two main Country Overview - Brazil tributary streams

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Representar, em juízo ou fora dele os interesses gerais, coletivos e difusos dos advogados, estagiários e sociedades de advogados inscritos e registrados em seus quadros, bem como os interesses individuais relacionados ao exercício da profissão. Learn More

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Transformar la gestión del riego y el cuidado del agua a través de soluciones tecnológicas integrales. Nos enfocamos en tres pilares fundamentales: 1) maximizar la eficiencia hídrica en la agricultura sostenible, 2) facilitar la compra de créditos de compensación de … Learn More

Asegurar el acceso al agua de forma sostenible para el desarrollo humano, económico y ambiental, es nuestro propósito. Nuestra misión es desarrollar proyectos sustentables de agua para empresas, que generen impacto positivo en el negocio, en la eficiencia del recurso … Learn More

Alegria activity S.L. produces special purpose mobile units. These mobile units are special purpose vehicles used to deploy any kind of service directly and easily to any location and social community in order to conduct turn-key campaigns in HEALTH, EDUCATION, … Learn More

The threat of electric blackout, the increase in electricity bills and water rationing are increasingly present in the news, in pronouncements by public managers and in the daily life of the population. We have a combination of extremely unfavorable factors: … Learn More

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La Autoridad Nacional del Agua (ANA), de acuerdo a la Ley No 29338 - Ley de Recursos Hídricos, es el ente rector y máxima autoridad técnico - normativa del Sistema Nacional de Gestión de los Recursos Hídricos, el cual es … Learn More

Banco do Brasil forged a partnership with the National Water Agency (ANA), Banco do Brasil Foundation and the WWF-Brasil to develop the Agua Brasil programme. The programme’s objectives include: a) Promote societal awareness and attitudinal change with respect to environmentally … Learn More

El grupo Biosfera, es un think tank en investigacion de futuros sustentables. (BIOSFERA, INVESTIGACIÓN DE FUTUROS) es un equipo de análisis cuyo core business es la investigación prospectiva para la construcción de futuros deseables (futurables), asociados a la sustentabilidad (planeamiento … Learn More

Blue Planet Network provides a technology platform for funders to easily select, monitor, and manage WASH projects that have been peer reviewed and vetted for quality and sustainability. Each member project must pass a rigorous peer review and planning process … Learn More

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Prestar serviços de abastecimento de água e tratamento de esgoto, de forma eficiente e qualificada, assegurando a água como um bem essencial e público à população hamburguense. Learn More

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Main focus is SUDS retrofit to tackle flooding and water quality problems in the City of Coventry, UK, and to provide biodiversity and amenity benefits to wildlife and citizens. Coventry has Living Lab Status and the group includes Coventry University … Learn More

We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner, supporting the long-term health of the planet, the success of customers and our people. Our environmental sustainability strategy aims to drive climate action throughout our value chain, use … Learn More

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“IC Medicals” and “ The Emission” are two genetically integrated global internet projects about informational copies of substances and biological objects. DST Foundation initiated the integration of these phenomenal projects in August 2009 as they both are based on usage … Learn More

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Developing European Environmental Policy The European Commission develops and implements EU policies by proposing laws to the European Parliament and Council of the European Union helping EU countries implement EU legislation managing the EU's budget and allocating funding ensuring that … Learn More

Mision: Realizar Actividades que Incentiven y Fortalezcan todos aquellos Planes, Programas, Proyectos y Políticas de Desarrollo Social, Cultural, Económico y Ambiental con Enfoque de Derechos Humanos, Derechos laborales, Cuidado Ambiental y Anticorrupción para alcanzar elevados niveles de Sustentabilidad Learn More

Missão: Impactar o desenvolvimento sustentável da América Latina criando condições favoráveis ​​para que diversos atores unam forças e contribuam para o bem comum. Hoje, os processos de mudança colaborativa são a essência de tudo o que fazemos. Em mais de … Learn More

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Purpose of the organization is to promote socio, economic and cultural advancement of weaker sections by education, training, research and field action programs. Specific focus is to promote awareness on water sanitation among rural poor communities and help them to … Learn More

Sensitize, raise awareness and engage the diverse sectors of society in the preservation of water and the rational use, using communication actions; To collaborate with the formation of socioenvironmental awareness of children and adolescents through pedagogical projects in partnership with … Learn More

Carry out and promote scientific knowledge in the northern region of Brazil, in support of local and regional sustainable development practices. Learn More

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El MINAM es el ente rector del Sector Ambiente y la autoridad competente para formular la Política Nacional del Ambiente aplicable a los tres niveles de gobierno, conforme a lo dispuesto en el Decreto Legislativo N° 1013,que aprueba su creación, … Learn More

Minh organização é um museu histórico, tem como programa educacional o patrimônio local, regionalm global e da humanidade, e da agenda 2030. Temos uma história que envolve trabalhadores rurais e a companhia de água e saneamento do Estado de São … Learn More

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NVH's mission is to provide low cost, low energy solutions for sanitation and ground water pollution. NVH partners with the Indian Ministry of Defence Research Laboratory to commercialise for global use an effective biological process creating potable water as only … Learn More

Sunass regulates water and sewage companies, oversees quality of service standards, settles customer complaints and sets regulated prices. Learn More

Natura &amp;Co is a Brazilian global personal care cosmestics group that includes Natura Cosméticos, Aesop, The Body Shop and Avon. The Group is present in 73 countries across all continents. Learn More

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Sunass regulates water and sewage companies, oversees quality of service standards, settles customer complaints and sets regulated prices. Learn More

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Promoting the use of innovative water-from-air tech for evaporation and condensate recapture &amp; reuse by communities and businesses resiliently adapting to global warming and responding to disasters. In arid and drying regions lacking or losing surface and groundwaters, atmospheric (clean) … Learn More

Restore degraded bodies of water, through the implementation of nature based solutions projects, in order to preserve ecosystem services and provide quality of life and well-being for the population. Learn More

ÁLON connects people and resources to raise awareness, converge best practice and collaboration, to support the transition of industries, leaders &amp; lifestyles dependent on water – towards minimizing our water footprints. “We aim to shape consensus among pioneering Water Ambassadors … Learn More

Projects in Brazil

Since 2016 the Toilet Board Coalition’s accelerator program has been supporting entrepreneurs with bespoke mentorship, partnership and the visibility to scale their sanitation economy businesses. More than toilets alone, we look for commercially viable businesses across the sanitation economies – … Learn More

A água mineral AMA, da Ambev, é um produto social cujo modelo de negócios foi desenvolvido para reverter 100% do lucro em projetos de acesso à água potável em comunidades do semiárido brasileiro. A Fundación Avina é parceira da Ambev … Learn More

The world�s rainforests are being destroyed at an increasingly rapid rate. To put it into context, an area the size of a football pitch disappears every second - that�s over 58 million square miles of forest lost every year. Even … Learn More

Banco do Brasil and its partners are piloting and encouraging agricultural practices that conserve water, increase vegetation cover, and restore degraded natural resources, further catalyzed by specialized financial products and services that incentive sustainable resource management. Project Results Brazilian farmers, … Learn More

El Objetivo General del Proyecto es la implementación de Generadores Atmosféricos de Agua en diferentes comunidades españolas y así erradicar la problemática del abastecimiento de agua potable que se presenta cada año por las sequías, construyendo modelos técnicos de fácil … Learn More

Lançado em 2017, o Água + Acesso é uma aliança de impacto coletivo formada por empresas e organizações da sociedade civil que atuam e cooperam para ampliar o acesso à água segura e de forma sustentável em comunidades rurais de … Learn More

A new Ambev product launched in the beginning of 2017. This is a mineral water that we might describe as 200%: 100% of the nutrients are for the consumer and 100% of the profit goes to projects providing access to … Learn More

Ambev has repurposed one of its Brazilian beer breweries to manufacture 500,000 hand sanitizer bottles for public hospitals. It will also provide the bottling of PET bottles and distribution logistics to deliver 5,000 bottles to public hospital in Sao Paulo, … Learn More

A primeira etapa do projeto foi uma extensa pesquisa sobre a tecnologia e suas variações. Verificou-se que existiam muitas fontes que divergiam nas informações, então tivemos reuniões com especialistas para poder confirmar as informações obtidas. Simultaneamente foi procurada uma comunidade … Learn More

Electrolux has a process in place, through the Blue Risk Management for all facilities to estimate potential financial impacts in case of disruption of production. If a relative important site in the US, in a risk area, must stop production … Learn More

Conserving the Amanzonian forest through payment for maintenance of environmental services, this program aims to curb deforestation and improve the quality of life for the local population. Specifically, this program finances incentives which allow for the education of the local … Learn More

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has been working in Iowa since 1963 to restore wetlands, improve agricultural management, protect key remaining habitats, and build public and private partnerships to deliver critical outcomes for people and nature. We recognize the critical role … Learn More

The anthropological impact caused by the inappropriate use of the land is the main threat to the Biological Reserve of Serra do Japi (Rebio), a significant part of the forest of the State of S�o Paulo, mainly characterized by hydrological … Learn More

In January 2020, our Brazil business publicly committed to eliminate plastic waste from its packaging by 2025 Ð a significant step forward given our soft drinks portfolio in that market and the prevalence of PET in soft drink packaging. To … Learn More

This project focusses on the protection of accessible and inaccessible forest areas. This will allow for the forest to re-grow. Surveillance teams keep the area under rigorous monitoring to prevent illegal logging and squatters from claiming lands. To achieve permanent … Learn More

Brazil has faced severe droughts and water scarcity since 2012, causing severe water shortages in southeastern Brazil. Against the backdrop of this complex water governance environment, the CEO Water Mandate worked with CDP, the World Resources Institute, WWF, and UNEP-DHI … Learn More

In 2010, FIAP became partner of Singularity University to create the Call to Innovation - a contest that awards the best idea of technology in order to solve mankind's greatest challenges, addressing, at least, 1 million people. Singularity University, regarding … Learn More

Instalação de um sistema de captação e reaproveitamento de água de chuvaProject ResultsRealizamos a tão sonhada e aguardada horta, com toda infraestrutura de plantio e também implementamos o sistema de captação e reaproveitamento de água de chuva para irrigação do … Learn More

Considerando que os índices pluviométricos do município de Santa Maria/RS contribuem para a criação de sistemas de reutilização da água, vê-se a necessidade de projetos socioambientais que possibilitem a redução do consumo de água potável em atividades que não exijam … Learn More

Instalação de um sistema de Captação de Água de Chuva na EMEF Edna de Mattos, localizada no bairro Bento Ferreira, na região de Jesus de Nazaré, Vitória - ES. Project ResultsInstalação de um sistema de captação de água de chuva … Learn More

O objetivo do projeto foi construir um sistema de captação de água pluvial para uma escola municipal na cidade de Juiz de Fora, MG, Brasil.Project ResultsNa construção do sistema buscou-se aplicar a sustentabilidade em todos os aspectos. O reservatório foi … Learn More

Motivados em resolver os problemas de desperdício de água potável, falta de água em determinados períodos do ano, e danos causados à população pelo escoamento superficial da água da chuva em ambientes urbanos, surgiu em 2015, no Núcleo Viçosa da … Learn More

O foco principal do projeto é a economia de água. O acesso à água potável, própria para o consumo humano, é restrito. Na cidade de São João del Rei há regiões em que muitas vezes o abastecimento de água não … Learn More

Through the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB), CI works in partnership with leaders in key industries to: reduce companies’ ecological footprint, harness the power of supply chains to drive the widespread adoption of good practices, invest strategically in … Learn More

Objetivo Geral Apresentar a teoria vista em sala de aula através da prática de um projeto de engenharia, bem como diminuir o consumo de água potável da escola. Objetivos Específicos • Apresentar e construir novas formas de aprender, tornando o … Learn More

Realizado na AACAL (Associação de Atendimento à Criança e ao Adolescente de Lorena), esse projeto teve como objetivo reduzir os gastos da associação com conta de água, a fim de destinar esse dinheiro para investimentos em infraestrutura e lazer das … Learn More

The Clean and Conserve Education Program is designed to help children ages four and older learn about water conservation and healthy hygiene practices through school and community educators, or on their own. The program has five educational components, divided by … Learn More

As part of Ecolab�s global philanthropic program, Solutions for Life, Ecolab and the Project WET Foundation co-created the Clean and Conserve Education Program. Since launching the partnership in2014, this free curriculum has reached more than 7.47 million individuals in 88 … Learn More

O Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras tem como objetivo utilizar os conhecimentos obtidos na faculdade de engenharia em prol da sociedade, em projetos que auxiliem principalmente a comunidade mais carente, que não teria como pagar por esses serviços de maneira geral. Nesse … Learn More

The ChallengeThe Jaguari River basin is the water supply for 95% of the population of Jaguariuna, Brazil. Low rainfall has impacted water availability in the basin, with average water flows in the Jaguari River on a downward trend according to … Learn More

O projeto COMUNIDADE SUSTENTÁVEL busca analisar e implantar práticas mais sustentáveis no dia a dia das comunidades que não altere o modo de vida cotidiano de seus habitantes. Tendo em vista a ausência de políticas públicas, as comunidades rurais convivem … Learn More

The construction of the Reno-Setta feeder channel, in 2010, was a fundamental measure for the Bologna area, the substantial results of which can now be quantified. As requested by the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna among the offsetting measures for the … Learn More

In 2010, Ambev, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Brazilian business unit, launched the CYAN Movement – a three-year water stewardship project designed to protect threatened watersheds in Brazil. The centerpiece of this project is a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to advance … Learn More

Objetivou-se estimular a formação de equipes multidisciplinares, compostas por alunos de graduação e pós-graduação de IES do estado do Paraná, públicas e privadas, para propor soluções inovadoras que levem à redução do consumo de água e energia elétrica, na indústria … Learn More

A problemática da utilização do óleo de cozinha em relação ao meio ambiente se dá pela forma como ele é descartado. Um litro de óleo pode contaminar até 20 mil litros de água, logo, cria-se a necessidade de encontrar um … Learn More

Risk is mitigated by the technical due diligences carried out in all project finance transactions that assess environmental and technical issues and ensure, through the Environmental Impact Assessment, that the minimum water flow necessary for the plant and for the … Learn More

This project implements water stewardship practices, particularly water savings (by reducing demand) and nature-based solutions that will increase the water supply to the basin. Learn More

This project implements water stewardship practices, particularly water savings (by reducing demand) and nature-based solutions that will increase the water supply to the basin. Learn More

In Brazil, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), in partnership with the Center for Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGVces), started in 2018 the “El Agua nos Une” initiative. The main objective of this initiative is to … Learn More

Braskem encourages its suppliers to report by inviting and encouraging them to participate in CDP events, workshops and training, as well as direct contact for support in the questionnaire response process. Braskem reinforces the invitation from CDP Supply chain so … Learn More

Aegea Sanitation, a private sector sanitation company in Brazil serving over 21 million people, has contributed its efforts to the COVID-19 response by disinfecting commonly used public areas and roads and by donating hygiene products to vulnerable population in the … Learn More

The Company utilizes an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program to identify, assess, prioritize and manage physical risks, including flooding. These risks are evaluated from a multidimensional perspective and consider probability, severity and adequacy of mitigation. The Enterprise Risk Management Committee … Learn More

O evento “Esquenta dos Jovens para o Fórum Mundial das Águas” foi organizado juntamente com outras organizações jovens de Belo Horizonte, tendo em vista a aproximação do 8o Fórum Mundial da Água (World Water Forum – WWF), o maior evento … Learn More

In the US, we are partnering with TNC on watershed improvement in Fort Collins, Colorado. In Colorado, the Cache La Poudre and Big Thompson forested watersheds provide critical clean water to Fort Collins. Climate change, increasing drought and years of … Learn More

Inspired by the concept of biomimetics, the floating islands are active treatment systems, that purify and vivify water resources contaminated by sewage and/or industrial contaminants. They are artificial man-made floating islands built from discarded materials, which are purposely planted several … Learn More

Agriculture in Tanzania is responsible for 85% of national freshwater withdrawals, yet inefficient practices mean that up to 45% is lost. The 2030 WRG is working with 3000 farmers in the Pangani and Rufiji Basins to increase access to financing … Learn More

O GASP (Grupo de Assistência Social Paraíso) é um grupo filantrópico do Bairro Jardim Paraíso em Joinville, que atende crianças até 3 anos, em período integral. Entraram em contato com o Engenheiros sem Fronteiras por meio do Banco de Projetos … Learn More

L’Oréal’s has launched solidarity plans across its many international locations, including Egypt, the Ukraine, Brazil, and South Africa to support the global fight against COVID-19. It has shifted production in 28 factories to produce hand sanitizer, much of which will … Learn More

By working closely with local partners, Tractebel Energia has launched a "Good Water" program in the region of its Salto Santiago hydroelectric plant. The objective is to develop a conservation program that preserves 300 water springs located on rural properties … Learn More

O programa Guarde a Chuva incentiva a captação de água da chuva através da confecção de cisternas artesanais e utilização da água captada para fins não potáveis. A água, captada pode ser utilizada na lavagem de pátios, na irrigação de … Learn More

In response to the pandemic, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has reconfigured its production lines to produce 2.5 tons of hand sanitizer. In North America, IFF has developed a unique hand sanitizer called Hope 2020, partnering with a distiller to … Learn More

The Cons�rcio Empresarial Salto Pil�o operates a run-of-river hydro power plant, situated in the state of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil, with an installed capacity of 182.3 MW. The power plant increases the share of renewable energy in … Learn More

Forests provide much of the world’s most biodiverse habitat on land, making their protection a priority for maintaining biodiversity. They also provide flood control and water regulation benefits. In 2011, we launched a new environmental initiative with funding to help … Learn More

Nivea, Fiat, Sabesp, Deep, Instituto Olga Kos, and Leo Burnett Tailor Made, representing the private, public, and civil society sectors, have partnered together to launch the “The Fight Belongs to Everyone” initiative in Brazil. This initiative focuses on ensuring access … Learn More

"This project will tackle the massive challenges encountered by Kenyan farmers and society. Vegetation, soil, and people currently suffer from the detrimental impacts of overgrazing, deforestation and climate change in almost all counties of the country. To counteract these liabilities, … Learn More

Every year, 6.5 billion cubic metres of water are wasted in the urban distribution systems in Brazil. That represents approximately 39% of all the water treated for consumption in the country. To reverse this situation, the Less Loss, More Water … Learn More

We supported UNICEF�s global response to the COVID-19 pandemic to expand efforts to keep children and their families safe from infection. Our donation of $450,000 and $55,000 in essential supplies, including water tanks and pipes manufactured by Orbia, helped address … Learn More

We will create the conditions for restoration of 1.2 million hectares of Brazil's endangered Atlantic Forest in the iconic Mantiqueira Mountain range, meeting 10% of Brazil's national forest restoration commitments under the Paris climate change agreement. This project marries multiple … Learn More

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is constructing and restoring wetlands in agricultural watersheds of the Mississippi River. A primary objective is to reduce pollutants including nitrate-nitrogen in leachate and runoff to local waterways while increasing water storage. A larger goal is … Learn More

To transform the socioeconomic and environmental reality of the Miringuava Watershed (southern Brazil), through actions that contribute to water security by focusing on two fronts: (1) Conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems, and (2) Impact Entrepreneurship.Project ResultsTargets for the next … Learn More

Community tree planting under the guidance of Golden Chirwa (Apple Man & tree expert). All areas will be mapped with GPS-Polygons. Check: https://explorer.land/x/project/wellsforzoe Wells for Zo‘ is tax deductible in Ireland! You will be financing trees that have been planted … Learn More

JBS promotes good practices for a sustainable agricultural and livestock for farmers, through the New Field Program (Programa Novo Campo), aiming to increase farmers production through the conservation of soil and water. The associated risk with grain purchase (animal feed … Learn More

In partnership with the Nordesta Association, this reforestation project aims to reforest the sources of Brazil's third most important river, the Sâo Francisco river, upon which a third of the Brazilian population depends. A wide variety of native trees is … Learn More

O Bom Samaritano é uma entidade filantrópica, fundada em 1996, que atende dependentes químicos de 18 a 65 anos. Possuem um programa terapêutico-educativo que visa mudar o estilo de vida do residente para atingir a recuperação. Entraram em contato com … Learn More

The first phase of the project diagnosed the environmental quality of Santos Estuary, São Vicente Estuary, Santos Bay, and surrounding coastal areas before implementing the Environmental Recovery Program of the Metropolitan Region of Santos, known as the Clean Wave Program. … Learn More

To mitigate risk, the water resources team at Minas Rio developed an operational water balance, hydrological model and simulations to predict water abstraction stoppage periods in the Peixe River during the dry season. The current contingency plan has been implemented … Learn More

Implementação de um Sistema de Tratamento de Esgoto Combinado de Fossa Séptica, Filtro Anaeróbio e Círculo de Cultivos com filtração descendente por cascalhos naturais, terra, areia, brita, pedregulhos. Tem por objetivo descrever o tratamento dos dejetos provenientes de atividades sanitárias … Learn More

Para acelerar a universalização do esgoto, a Corsan desenvolveu o Projeto de PPP – Parceria Público-Privada para 9 cidades da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre: Alvorada, Cachoeirinha, Canoas, Eldorado do Sul, Esteio, Gravataí, Guaíba, Sapucaia do Sul e Viamão que, … Learn More

O projeto foi criado com o objetivo principal de melhorar a qualidade de vida da população da comunidade rural Pimentas, além de promover ações para torná-la mais sustentável, com ações diretas e de conscientização sobre a melhoria de qualidade de … Learn More

The project is located within the Amazon, the largest remaining rainforest on our planet. The Amazon is known for its amazing biodiversity; home to 10% of all species, including some endangered species that rely on it for their survival.News Update … Learn More

The “People of the Forest” project is helping restore degraded areas in the Amazon, in partnership with native communities, such as the Ashaninka people. The Ashaninka communities depend on the forest for their livelihood. This reforestation project enables them to … Learn More

Uma parceria inédita entre o Governo do Estado e a Prefeitura de São Paulo para mudar a atual situação de degradação dos córregos da Capital. No programa, atuarão em conjunto a Secretaria de Estado de Saneamento e Energia, a Sabesp … Learn More

Do programa Nossa Guarapiranga, em uma parceria do Governo do Estado, a Sabesp, e a Prefeitura de São Paulo. A iniciativa prevê a conservação da Represa e suas margens, a retirada de resíduos, e diversas ações de limpeza durante o … Learn More

Project WET is currently active in more than 75 countries around the world through a network of partner organizations that range from small NGOs to major international corporations and organizations. We only go where we’re invited! We work with our … Learn More

Instalação de um sistema sustentável composto de energia fotovoltaica e aproveitamento de águas pluviais em abrigo de crianças, localizado na zona norte do Rio de Janeiro, tendo como objetivo a redução nos valores das contas de energia elétrica e água. Learn More

Instalação de um sistemas sustentáveis composto de energia fotovoltaica e aproveitamento de águas pluviais em abrigo de crianças localizado na baixada do Rio de Janeiro, na cidade de Nova Iguaçu, tendo como objetivo a redução nos valores das contas de … Learn More

Projeto e execução de rede de coleta e tratamento de esgoto sanitário na comunidade, com cerca de 100 pessoas.Project ResultsAcredita-se que o Caminho Curto será o maior projeto social realizado até então dentro da ONG. Ele impacta diretamente na saúde … Learn More

In the final year of an IB World School Primary Years Program (PYP), students conduct personal and group inquiries on a chosen topic. This should be transdisciplinary and address several areas of knowledge and synthesize the essential elements of the … Learn More

Essilor launched a global program “Reboost” to continuously improve the production process through increased water efficiency and to share the best practices in global operations. The investment of the facility reported within the Reboost program was about 1 million euros … Learn More

O projeto Recapta consistiu, essencialmente, em reduzir o gasto de recursos na escola Mário Covas Governador (CEIEF) através da construção de uma cisterna para a captação de água da chuva e seu uso para a limpeza do pátio, bem como … Learn More

In GB, together with The Rivers Trust we are working to implement a series of critical nature-based solutions, which will replenish water in some of the most water stressed areas. Funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the three-year programme will support … Learn More

Natura &amp; Co is repurposing its manufacturing to increase production of soap, sanitizer, and 70% alcohol by 30% in response to increased demand. The Brazilian personal care and cosmetics company has committed to donating at least 10 million units of … Learn More

Sabesp, a Brazilian state-owned water, and waste management company, has distributed over 3,800 water storage tanks to vulnerable neighborhoods of Sao Paulo to prevent water shortages during emergency repairs or network maintenance. The effort began in the second-largest slum in … Learn More

Samarco, Vale and BHP Billiton Brasil will establish a Foundation that will develop and execute environmental and socio-economic programs to remediate and provide compensation for damage caused by the Samarco dam failure.Project Results(not provided) Learn More

A maioria das comunidades rurais apresentam deficiência no que diz respeito ao abastecimento de água, tratamento de esgoto e gerenciamento de resíduos sólidos. Estas deficiências provocam disseminação de doenças de veiculação hídrica, proliferação de vetores e animais peçonhentos, problemas respiratórios … Learn More

O projeto tem como objetivo geral melhorar as condições de saneamento ambiental em comunidades terapêuticas, que são espaços físicos destinados à reabilitação de dependentes químicos, com o intuito de contribuir na garantia de qualidade de vida e saúde da população. … Learn More

The São Paulo Water Fund was established by a broad group of stakeholders working collectively toward water security. Now fully in Operation Phase, the São Paulo Water Fund partners have conserved or restored 11,000 hectares of priority areas in the … Learn More

Greater S‹o Paulo is home to 20 million people Ð one in ten Brazilians; it is the largest city in Brazil and one of the most water-stressed cities in Latin America. S‹o PauloÕs most important watersheds Ð the Piracicaba, Capivari, … Learn More

SAVEh (Water Efficiency Self-Assessment System), in which we share our knowledge in water management and efficiency to encourage Ambev S.A.'s value chain and small and medium sized companies to reduce their water consumption. Project Results Learn More

The Climate Change and Adaptation Plan developed by Braskem indicated water scarcity as the primary potential risk for the company's operations. Using DEVICE, the company estimated an internal price on water and the costs to invest in alternatives such as … Learn More

The Climate Change and Adaptation Plan developed by Braskem indicated water scarcity as the primary potential risk for the company's operations. The same plan complemented by specific high-risk basins studies (developed using DEVESE methodology), including Guandu, indicated the need to … Learn More

The Climate Change and Adaptation Plan developed by Braskem indicated water scarcity as the primary potential risk for the company's operations. The same plan complemented by specific high-risk basins studies (developed using DEVESE methodology), including Recôncavo Norte and Inhambupe basin, … Learn More

The Climate Change and Adaptation Plan developed by Braskem indicated water scarcity as the primary potential risk for the company's operations. The same plan complemented by specific high-risk basins studies (developed using DEVESE methodology), including Remédios River Basin, indicated the … Learn More

Daiichi Sankyo is using rainwater for sanitary water and other daily usage at its plant in Brazil.Project ResultsAlternate water supply Learn More

Through a partnership with Tanager, Mars Wrigley is working with mint farmers in Uttar Pradesh, India to implement improved agricultural practices to grow mint more sustainably. The work includes using good agricultural practices such as irrigation scheduling, two new cultivars … Learn More

Sodexo is implementing a project called "Smart Kitchen" in Brazil. A new approach to producing food, combining innovative equipment and simplified work methods and processes that improved safety compliance, resource efficiency including water, product performance, and reduced waste. Project Results … Learn More

Starbucks and Conservation International began an assessment of the water component of the Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices program in 2008, focused on 2 stages in the coffee value chain: cultivating, growing and harvesting coffee using methods that avoid … Learn More

In addition to products offered, we developed ProÁgua to support our customers in adopting eco-efficient solutions, from the planning stage to selection of products. This service is available for residential, commercial, industrial, health and education buildings, carrying out actions for … Learn More

Macapá Chapter's project dealt with topics such as: Water and its cycle, Water treatment, Pollution of rivers, Amazon River, Lack of water and solutions to this scarcity. Environmental education activities were carried out, in addition to the assembly of a … Learn More

Suzano, world leader in market eucalyptus pulp, has an innovative Restoration Program, which seeks to restore degraded habitat and promote environmental conservation of ecosystems in four out of the six Brazilian biomes (Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Caatinga). In … Learn More

The Brazil Water Guardian Project was launched in 2011 and completed in 2016. The project in partnership with one of our tobacco leaf suppliers (Universal Leaf) and the University of Santa Cruz do Sul, aimed to improve the volume and … Learn More

The objective of Project Tietê is to improve water quality in the Tietê River Basin, São Paulo Metropolitan Area, by expanding the wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure. The project was started in 1992 and involved investments of approximately US$1.6 billion … Learn More

Promover sistema de tratamento de esgoto doméstico em residências unifamiliares, carentes de assistência governamental, através da implementação de fossas sépticas sustentáveis, construídas com pneus usados a baixo custo. Promover ações de conscientização à sociedade envolvida no projeto quanto a importância … Learn More

Planting is a great way to help sequester carbon emissions. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. By ensuring that the trees planted are native broad leaf species you can help to preserve the UK's environment … Learn More

Water.org’s primary solution is WaterCredit – small, affordable loans accessed by people at the base of the economic pyramid to install locally appropriate household water and sanitation solutions. Water.org partners with local financial institutions to implement water and sanitation lending … Learn More

In 2016, our Linares, Mexico plant reduced water use by focusing employee engagement efforts on increasing the use of dry cleaning methods. The Linares plant will continue to reduce water consumption through employee engagement, asset care programs, and capital projects … Learn More

During 2016, the Sao Paulo, Brazil plant reduced their normalized water use more than 5.5%. The Sao Paulo plant will continue to reduce water consumption through employee engagement, asset care programs, and capital projects within the next three years. While … Learn More

IBERDROLA has installed systems for capturing and storing rainwater for human consumption in the area around the Caetité windfarm in inland Bahia (Brazil).This initiative will supply water to over 3,300 homes that currently have no connection to the general water … Learn More

The objective of "Water for the Planet" is to establish a collaborative work between The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and PepsiCo to support the development and strengthening of the Water Funds, by investing in conservation actions to protect six supply areas … Learn More

Bahia, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Ceará, Maranhão, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Sul, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraná, Pará, Tocantins, Alagoas, Sergipe, Acre, Sao Paolo Reach up to 500,000 people per year with lasting access to safe water and … Learn More

All over South Africa there are clear signs of improperly treated wastewater that enters our river systems and aquifers https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2021-04-26-south-africas-rivers-of-sewage-more-than-half-of-sas-treatment-works-are-failing/. The government itself has proclaimed that 56% of the 1150 wastewater treatment plants are in poor or critical condition. The … Learn More

Industrial waste water is now being reclaimed at the Allergan Brazil manufacturing plant located in Guarulhos Brazil. The water was filtered and returned for reuse in cooling towers and as gray water in the bathroom facilities. This reduced Allergan's discharge … Learn More

At our dairy factories in Brazil, we reuse the water extracted from milk to save resources. Milk is composed of 80% water and, during the production of powdered (Ninho and Molico) and condensed (Moça®) milk products, we need to remove … Learn More

Invasive alien plant clearing is a hot topic in South Africa, with over 200 declared invasive species that have invaded over 20 million hectares of land nationwide. Invasive alien plants are particularly prominent in and along watercourses and proliferate due … Learn More

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