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Posted on May 3, 2022 by HITESH BHATT

Authoring Organizations: Freelancer: Hitesh Bhatt
Consulting Organizations: 2030 Water Resources Group
Alliance for Water Efficiency
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Last Updated May 22, 2024


If my our team 26-27 years time consuming financial losses & expenses further future financial free dom heavy cimpensation fullfill immediately first than all mejority established stallwarts related water & corruption nexus activities keep sluggish without speaking dormant because they thought we are in mejority & ONE individual person like me can not do anything in positive attitude & manner.

All mejority corrupt officials & established stalwarts can not do without heavy compensation other wise leave me alone for peacefull life with family safety & security reasons.

we have documentory evidence & empirical experience so rest assured & think positive my physical presents speak volume of TRUTH & SATYAMEV JAYTE.


An honest INDEPENDENT individual freelancer named Hitesh BHATT & Miss Jalpa patel-India 26-27 years time consuming toiling hardwork & defeted whole corrupt mejority nexus world have a hard time in corrupt system now, corrupt officials mejority chieldish Media touts & illitrate political touts have a hardtime in HONEST corruption free world related water, sanitation & all civic amenities all inclusive solutions without any corruption,keepmum money gambling benefits from whole systems

No any corruption related vent in water mejority activities of world.


My physical presents speak the volume of truth & guidance spurrting innovative ideas after 26-27 years toiling hardwork & empirical documentory evidence experience in India.

Now prrsently, I myself Hitesh BHatt in USA since December-2019 & my other like-minded peoples are in INDIA whose from Rajkot city, others are in VADODARA CITY, GUJARAT STATE  INDIA.

Look locally think globally people first mission always for natiinal interests of law INDIA,USA & WHOLE WORLD for positive manner & attitude.


That yoi people decide my 26-27 years toiling hardwork with financial losses & expenses in grass roots pathetic living conditions without speaking single word in English or any languages of world only written communications to the established authority of world & natioinal lavals & local authorities day to day pathetic life & hardships time consuming losses it is called real life EXAMPLE for world.


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