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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
HydroBasin Level:
Baseline Water Stress:
Water Quality Stress:
Sanitation Access Stress:
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Countries: --
Basins: Rhine (635)
Organization SDGs:
Includes Sustainable Development Goals from the organization and its locations.
Integrated Water Resource Management (SDG 6.5)
Organization Tags:
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Chemicals Management
Services Offered: No services needed/offered
Org. Type: Business
Org. Size: Small (10 - 99 Employees)
Industry Sector: Materials
Language: English
Org. Website: www.firmenich.com/en_INT/index.html
Org. Source: User
Profile Completion: 92%
Coalition: No

Organization Overview

Firmenich SA is a private Swiss company in the fragrance and flavor business. It is the largest privately-owned company in the field and ranks number two worldwide.

Partner Organizations

The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) is a business platform enabling private sector engagement; connecting large and small companies; and ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors with the common goal to accelerate the business of sanitation for all. … Learn More

Partner Projects

We have a robust risk management program with site-specific business continuity plans. Also, the company maintains a comprehensive third-party insurance program with 6 world-class carriers. We conduct periodic testing of the business continuity plans including the conduct of crisis management … Learn More

Indian smallholding farmers shifting from traditional farming have been practicing conventional agriculture for roughly the last five decades. This resource-intensive model has depleted soil and ground water, decreased levels of soil microbes and micronutrients, while reducing the diversity of flora … Learn More

In late FY19, we installed a hybrid cooling tower that combines evaporative and non-evaporative technology to reduce overall water demand. We observed the first significant water savings in early 2020 � a reduction of almost 50% water use per metric … Learn More

Reduce water use in a targeted area identified in our annual water risk analysis Project Results 7,200 m3 of water annually More than 20% of the site’s water impact Learn More

In FY17, we continued to build on the successful project to recycle wastewater from the perfumery spray dryers at our Shanghai site, one of our higher water-stressed locations. An additional tank was added at the site and is dedicated to … Learn More

In India, we have a unique collaboration through our Joint-Venture Jasmine Concrete Export Private Limited, a leader in Indian floral extract. They have developed direct sourcing from more than 1,000 Jasmine grandiflorum farmers in Tamil Nadu, through long-term contracts, advance … Learn More

Consumer insights help us understand people�s needs and olfactive preferences. Building on the Shared Senses methodology we developed with Archipel & Co to study lowincome consumer preferences, we are now conducting a new study, funded by the Bill & Melinda … Learn More

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William Gischlar
Johanna Levy
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